Ode to Dogwoods

Ode to Dogwoods

Dogwood panorama

In April of every year the Smoky Mountains are showered with dogwood blooms like a late spring snowstorm. Everywhere you go … up in the Greenbrier, along the Little River or the lower elevations of the Newfound Gap Road … in Elkmont and Tremont … the dogwoods sprinkle their blooms like white notes on the bare woodlands hungry for music. The opportunities for taking great photos are everywhere!

They whisper in the breeze …

Dogwood Whispers
Dogwood Whispers © William Britten - use with permission only

They harmonize with the wind …


Smoky Mountains Dogwood
Dogwood Harmony © William Britten - use with permission only

They rain down on all the woods …

Dogwood Shower
Dogwood Shower © William Britten - use with permission only

If you walk among the dogwood trees, and get real close-up, their blooms are a happy confirmation of the joy of life and the renewal of springtime. It’s hard to tell exactly when, but sometime between the 10th and 20th of April, the Smoky Mountains dogwoods will reach an intensely delicate peak. Some of the best locations in the Smoky Mountains for beautiful drives with the woods decked in white are the Greenbrier area and the Tremont area.

After your hike, or on a rainy day, please consider a visit to the William Britten Gallery on Glades Rd here in Gatlinburg. I’m in Morning Mist Village, right next to the Cafe courtyard. The Gallery contains my complete display of Smoky Mountains photography, with several best-selling Dogwood images: Dogwood Rain, Dogwood Tapestry, and Dogwood Lullaby.

Close-up of dogwood bloom
Close-up of dogwood bloom © William Britten use with permission only


Dogwood Blossom
Dogwood Blossom © William Britten - use with permission only


15 Responses to Ode to Dogwoods

  1. cherilyn kugle pictures are great we want to come when they are in bloom if you can tell us a goodtime to come please e mail me thanks says:

    pictures are great we come at least 3 times a year thanks

  2. Thanks, Cherilyn … the dogwoods usually bloom April 15-20. 2009 was a great bloom year, last year not so much.

  3. They are sooooo beautiful. I wish I could live near the Smoky Mountains and hike among the beautiful Dogwoods…

  4. My husband and I just retired and have moved down here. One of the first things I noticed were how magnificent the dogwoods are! Beautiful pictures!

  5. hi bill

    we are planning on a trip to the smoky mountains april 7th – 11th, do you think with our mild winter that the dogwoods will be in bloom then , or should we bump it up towards the middle of april?

  6. Roger –

    Hard to tell … last year dogwoods were early, but most years it would be mid-April. Sometimes the 3rd week in April.

  7. Hi, Can you tell me if the dogwoods have started blooming yet? I understand we are about 3 weeks ahead of normal timing for spring blooms and I am planning a trip to the Smokies. Thanks!

  8. No Dogwoods yet … way too early. Usually mid-April, so if they are early it would be around the 1st of April.

  9. I understand last year the dogwood bloom was early, the first week in April. How is this year shaping up? Thanks.


  10. How long before Dogwoods begin to bloom can one who knows what
    to look for can one predict whether:
    they will bloom early or at the time they usually do?
    whether it will be a “good year” for them?
    We enjoy coming then and probably need to make reservations.

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