Great Smoky Mountains National Park Pictures

We have lived near the Smoky Mountains for over thirty years. This is a very spiritual place, and I try to capture that spirit in my pictures of the Smoky Mountains. These photos are contemplative and peaceful—almost meditative in their qualities.

After owning a Gallery on Glades Rd in Gatlinburg TN for 15 years, I have now transitioned to selling exclusively online, making it easier for you to bring a piece of the Smokies into your home or office. Please take a look around. Search for anything in the search box above and see what you find. Don’t miss the incredible opportunities in the “Buy” menu option above, featuring affordable portfolio-quality Smoky Mountain Pictures that will transform any space into a serene mountain retreat.

William and Sarah Britten

“Live a life of quiet inspiration” is the guiding idea of my photography. Replace the hectic details of modern life with a moment of being with What is Real.

Each photograph serves as a gentle reminder to slow down, appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, and find solace in the stillness of the present moment. Over 200,000 Facebook fans can’t be wrong!

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