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How to Buy

How to purchase Smoky Mountains pictures from William Britten Photography

The simplest way to purchase my photography would be to visit my online store.
Or read on for more details …

1. Find an image you like.

You may have seen my photography in the Gatlinburg Gallery or at an art fair. Or perhaps you have just discovered this website from an online search. In any case there are several ways to view the available photographs. One way is to browse the Featured Photos pages. These are my most popular Smoky Mountains images, along with a description of how, when, and where they were created.

I also have an online store at the Etsy craft site. This link will take you to my online gallery that includes my most popular photos, framed and unframed, as well as custom metal prints, canvas wraps, notecards, and a growing gallery of digital downloads.

Finally, any picture that you see on this website is available as a matted print or framed and ready for hanging on the wall.  When  you find a picture you like, just make a note of the name, and proceed to step 2.

2. What sizes are available and what is the cost?

16×24″ framed photograph …… $265  ($200 unframed, mounted on board)
11×17″ framed photograph …… $150  ($125 unframed, mounted on board)
8×12″ framed photograph …….. $80   ($60 unframed, mounted on board)

20×30″ print … $225 (print only, not on board)
16×24″ print … $135 (print only, not on board)
12×18″ print … $75 (print only, not on board)
8×12″ matted print … $40 (print only, not on board)
6×9″ matte print … $25 (print only, not on board)

William Britten Gallery
Framed items in William Britten Gallery

Metal Prints

Metal prints display my photographs in a frameless modern style, with astoundingly rich color. Aluminum sheets are covered with a special coating, which allows dyes to be infused directly into the surface, creating a beautiful depth and vibrance. 

20×30″ metal print … $395
16×24″ metal print … $295
12×18″ metal print … $185
8×12″ metal print … $85

Winter Silence in Metal
Metal print of Winter Silence

Canvas Wraps

Canvas wraps display my photographs in a classic style, with a look similar to a painting. The picture is wrapped around the edge, creating a box that floats on your wall without a frame. 

20×30″ metal print … $395
16×24″ metal print … $295

Canvas print of Dogwood Rain
Canvas Wrap of Dogwood Rain

Leaf Set

My signature item is the set of four leaves. This set of four photographs is mounted on frameless boards (you can see the set in the second image from the top on the left side of this page). The leaf set of four photos comes in three sizes:
Four 8×12″ images mounted on frameless boxes … $295
Four 12×18″ images mounted on frameless boxes … $495
Four 16×24″ images mounted on frameless boxes … $875

Leaf Set
Set of Four Leaves in a Stream

Finally, a note about the framed pieces: Each framed photograph is created in a way that is unique among photographers. Each image is given a treatment to enhance and protect the surface of the photo. Then the photograph is mounted on a board and framed without glass, much like a painting. The result is a stunning sense of being right there in the scene, or looking out a window with a fabulous view.  The comments that I most often receive are that the images seem to glow from within, or that the photos have an almost 3-D appearance.

3. Contact me to place your order.

At the present time I can only take orders over the phone. Please call to place your order or if you have any questions about a picture, or frame styles, or anything at all.  I can usually be reached at one of the following numbers:

865-599-4929 (cell phone – has voice mail)

865-277-7700  (Gatlinburg Gallery – no voice mail)

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