Walkin’ around My Town

Walkin’ around My Town

snow on the Smoky Mountains in Winter

Still the snowcap on Mt. LeConte, still the cabin fever. So head downtown for a walk-around.

frozen wishing wellchairlift in Gatlinburg
Gatlinburg on a winter weekday can be slow, with few tourists on the Parkway promenade. The wishing well is frozen, and hardly a brave soul on the chair lift. The ticky-tack gaudiness of the Parkway is on stark display, without the swells of walkers and gawkers to soften it.

amusement arcade in Gatlinburg TNwax museum in Gatlinburg TN
Even the taffy-making machine sits idle, and the pancakes wait. It’s a quiet time in a resort town. A time to walk around and take it in slowly, really look at it. Just a few blocks south is the boundary of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and if you need a refuge, there it is, all year round.

taffy making machine in Gatlinburgpancake house in Gatlinburg

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