On the road up to Newfound Gap

On the road up to Newfound Gap © William Britten use with permission only

It’s Spiritual Sunday again, with a couple of Smoky Mountains photos to talk about how there is always something new.

Earlier this week I took three hikers up to Newfound Gap early in the morning to start their Appalachian Trail adventure. It was wet and misty, and we all hoped they wouldn’t be facing rain for their first day of hiking. I’ve driven up this road so many times, and after completing the trail shuttle I was tempted to just head straight home.  Put it on autopilot … seen these mountains hundreds of times, and it’s just a cloudy day, after all. And, there was a cup of coffee calling to me, and about time to open up the Gallery for the day.

But, suddenly the steering wheel is turning, and the car and I are stopped in a couple of pull-offs on the way back down. The camera springs to life, and here we go again … looking, with attention. The picture above is taken from Morton Overlook, just below Newfound Gap. Following the valley in the center of the photo from bottom to top is the route back down to Gatlinburg. We’ll end up going down right beneath the two bumps on the horizon, known as the Chimneys. I’ve taken quite a few shots from Morton Overlook, and there’s always something new. The picture below is from the overlook just above Morton, looking more to the west. Such a nice glow on the morning mist, and that spruce tree has seen it all.

So there it is … always something new. Maybe I can remember that when life seems too normal, and I slip out of the moment, not paying full attention.

If you’re in Gatlinburg, come on out to Morning Mist Village along the historic Arts and Crafts loop on Glades Rd. My complete display of Smoky Mountains photos is on display at the William Britten Gallery, along with some nifty magnets, mugs, and notecards. Maybe a special something to take home.

Morning glow and Morning Mist

Morning glow and Morning Mist © William Britten use with permission only

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  1. Kay Johns

    Simply Beautiful Brian!!!

  2. Rena

    Your pictures capture what I feel everytime I visit the Smokies~even though I only live a couple hours away I feel this is “home”…..thank you!

  3. Bill

    Thanks Kay! But I’m William Britten, not Brian. Brian Shults and I are friends, and we both publish a lot of Smokies photos, so I think folks get mixed up on which of us is doing what!

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