Cades Cove Morning

Cades Cove Morning © William Britten use with permission only

Photographs like you’ve never seen before!  That’s quite a claim. Many visitors to my Gatlinburg Gallery near the Smoky Mountains, or who come into my booth at an art fair, exclaim something like “Oh my gosh!  These look three-dimensional!  They jump off the page.  It’s like being right there!”

I create images that are meant to capture feelings and emotions. What does sunrise in Cades Cove feel like? What emotions do the colors and smells of autumn leaves create for you?  Once I have such an image, I use a very unique process to create an heirloom memory for your home. Here’s what I do:

Each image is printed in my studio using the latest archival inks on premium photographic paper. The colors are rated to last over 75 years without fading. Once the inks are dry, I coat the surface of the print with an art-grade laminate. I have a machine that does this, and applying the coating is a craft in itself! This surface coating protects the photo. It also pops out the colors. The coating gives the image a greater sense of depth. This is part of what creates the dimensional effect that so many people comment on.

Finally, the coated photo is mounted on a sturdy board which can be framed without glass. The result is a no-glare, bold and clear artwork that has amazing dimensional qualities that add to the sense of “being there.”

Smoky Mountains Moonrise

Smoky Mountains Moonrise © William Britten use with permission only

The photos on this page are three of my most popular images. At the top of the page is Cades Cove Morning, which depicts a glorious start to the day in one of the most popular locations in the Smoky Mountains. Above is Smoky Mountains Moonrise, which captures a stunning late-fall evening with snow already fallen on the higher elevations. And below is my signature piece, the Leaf Set, depicting birch, maple, sweet gum, and sourwood leaves fallen to the ground. This set of four images is mounted on thick boards to be hung without frames.

Please come on out to the Arts and Crafts Trail on Glades Road in Gatlinburg and stop in for a visit at the William Britten Gallery. My complete display of Smoky Mountains photos, including all of my Featured Photos, will tempt you with a special memory to take home.

The Leaf Set

The Leaf Set © William Britten use with permission only

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  1. Rhonda

    I recently visited your gallery in Gatlinburg and loved your photo of Morning Majesty. There was a frame style that I really liked, but can’t remember what you called it. It was dark wood with a textured, almost pitted surface. What is the name of this style of frame wood? Thanks. Rhonda

  2. Bill

    That frame is called “cork”

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