Miles Away on Monday: A Trail to Serenity

Miles Away on Monday: A Trail to Serenity

Forest Hiking Trail with Ferns © William Britten use with permission only

Ah … those feathery ferns guide the way down this hiking trail that clearly is headed towards serenity. There’s a little clump of bluets to enjoy … see them on the left side of the trail in the foreground? Everything is sparkling new-morning bright, still dew-covered or maybe it’s the mist in the air.  Oh, and that air … Spruce and Balsam scents mixed with the earthy smell of the ferns … wow, just to stand here a minute and breathe. Clean and fresh and natural … the antidote for modern life!

Last week I extolled the pleasures of high-elevation hiking in the Smoky Mountains, and today’s thoughts still find me enjoying these often fog-shrouded walks. You can click on the image above to see a larger version.

The William Britten Gallery on Glades Rd in Gatlinburg is where you’ll find all of my attempts to capture the feeling of being miles away in the Smoky Mountains.

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