Zoom tricks © William Britten use with permission only

Zoom tricks © William Britten use with permission only

Here’s a simple photography technique that can jazz up an image.  You’ll need to stop your zoom lens down as far as it will go, to F22 or more.  The idea is to get a long exposure, of at least one second or more. Then while the camera is exposing the image, twist the zoom lens to create the effect seen above. Even better is to create two exposures … one with the zoom effect and one a normal exposure. Blend them together to add just as much of the effect as you want.

The image above is Smoky Mountain Magic with the zoom effect added. I used the same effect with the Chapels of Love pictures.

Please stop in and visit me to see the complete display of Smoky Mountain Photography at the William Britten Gallery in Gatlinburg, TN.

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