Smoky Mountains Photos: Roaring Fork Sunrise

Smoky Mountains Photos: Roaring Fork Sunrise © William Britten use with permission only

Roaring Fork Sunrise is a featured photo at the William Britten Gallery. It is offered in all sizes up to 20×30. Details of sizes and prices can be found on the How to Buy page. You can also purchase framed or unframed versions of this image from my online store

This image is one of my Smoky Mountains photos from a series that was meant to be somewhat moody and mysterious. Several photos from the series were featured in a blog post titled “Mysterious Mountain Memories.”   Roaring Fork Sunrise was first introduced into the Gatlinburg Gallery as a greeting card, and it has generated enough attention to earn a spot on the wall as a framed piece.

The picture has a dash of the surreal … a sense of daylight chasing the dark along one of the most iconic streams in the Smokies. There’s a midnight memory mixed with daylight’s bright colors, and the mixture of the two realms creates a feeling of mystery. It’s very early morning along the dark creek, and a very long exposure time lets the flowing water contribute to the mood.

If you are traveling to the Smokies, please stop in and say hello at the William Britten Gallery along the Historic Arts and Crafts Loop on Glades Rd. in Gatlinburg. I’m located in the Morning Mist Village shopping area, and my complete selection of Smoky Mountains photos, as well as mugs, notecards and magnets are all on display most days throughout the year. Also, consider following me on facebook by clicking the Like button to the right.

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  1. Jeff Sagar

    Bill…a wonderful image! I appreciate the work you put into creating it. As you describe, it has a bit of the sureal and mystery. Can you describe where along the Roaring Fork it was taken and the time of year?

    Thanks, Jeff

  2. Bill

    Thanks Jeff. This was taken last summer. One of several on a day I was trying out a new Singh-Ray Vari-N-Duo filter that let me get 20-30 second exposures even in full sun. It’s toward the end of the Roaring Fork, just before 1000 drips.

  3. Jeff Sagar

    Thanks Bill. I am planning another trip to the Smokies in late July and will plan to check out this area. I will also make a point to stop at your gallery, I would love to meet you. My wife and I drove the Roaring Fork Motor Trail last October in the late morning, but it was very crowded so I didn’t get much photography in. We did stop at the 1000 drips but there was very little water. I definitely want to go back!

  4. Jeff Sagar


    What do you think of the Singh-Ray Vari-N-Duo? I’m considering one, but it’s expensive piece.

    Thanks, Jeff

  5. Debbie Higgins

    Absolutely beautiful!

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