Waterfall in the Great Smoky Mountains

Place of 1000 Drips © William Britten - use with permission only

Place of 1000 Drips is one of my oldest and most enduring Smoky Mountains photos. This is a popular roadside waterfall along the Roaring Fork Motor Trail. Turn at stoplight #8 in Gatlinburg, bearing to the right at the top of the hill, you will enter the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and begin a 6-mile one-way journey on a winding, narrow road through a carefree and timeless canopy of Smoky Mountains paradise. Towards the end of your journey, keep an eye out to the left for this waterfall.  Certain times of the year the flow of water is reduced to literally a group of drips, but in spring especially it can be quite impressive.

This photograph was taken in April, and if you look closely there is a White Trillium on the bank to the left. Balancing my tripod and myself on the slippery rocks, the picture was captured with a wide-angle lens.

Place of 1000 Drips is offered in all sizes up to 20×30. Details of sizes and pricing can be found on the How to Buy page. You can also purchase framed or unframed versions of this image from my online store

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  1. annette ballard

    I posted this beautiful waterfall on myfb page… is this ok?

  2. Bill

    Annette … glad you like the 1000 drips image. It’s ok if you link to my blog pages or my images, but the images are not just for general use.

  3. Kay Johns

    Hello Bill,Love my pics.i bought from you in October,the fall pic and the snow scene with the red bird,When we come in October we pay more attention to the fall and not enough on the waterfalls,we have only been to laural falls,so pretty,so thanks for sharing this info.on this waterfall,next time be sure to see it and maybe find some others,by the way love this waterfall pic.it’s beautiful,you had some beautiful pics.in your gallery,i feel very infortune to have your pics,hanging in my home,see you next october,take care!

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