Kayaker challenges The Sinks

Kayaker challenges The Sinks © William Britten use with permission only

Driving along Little River Road in the Smoky Mountains last week, the water was high from several days of rain, and there were kayakers putting their boats in the water all along the stretch of road between Townsend and Elkmont. Passing the Sinks parking area, I was surprised to see kayakers unloading there.  The currents below the falls are vicious, and there are signs graphically warning of the dangers and the deaths that have occurred here. Nevertheless, there were two guys getting ready to take their kayaks into the brink.

I took up  a position opposite The Sinks and waited. The series of pictures above shows the drama unfolding.  He went completely under the water, and popped up ten yards or so downstream.  The second kayaker, pictured below, also had a successful run.

Kayaker goes over the Sinks

Kayaker goes over the Sinks © William Britten use with permission only

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