Henry Whitehead cabin in Cades Cove

Henry Whitehead cabin in Cades Cove © William Britten use with permission only

Matilda “Aunt Tildy” Shields married Henry Whitehead after her first husband ran off. Henry built the house pictured above in the Chestnut Flats area of Cades Cove in 1895. Notice the brick chimney! This structure might be called the ultimate log cabin, or sometime called a “transition house” due to its near-perfect construction from logs sawed straight and flat at a nearby mill. Soon the mill-sawed lumber would replace log cabins with frame construction.

Look more closely, and you will see that behind the grand transition cabin sits a much more crude and smaller cabin of logs with a stone rubble chimney. Matilda’s brothers quickly built this cabin when her husband deserted her, and before Henry Whitehead courted and married her, and built her Smoky Mountains dream home.

Henry Whitehead Cabin © William Britten use with permission only

Henry Whitehead Cabin © William Britten use with permission only

Matilda’s son from her first marriage, Josiah “Joe Banty” Gregory, became a prominent producer of moonshine in Cades Cove during Prohibition.

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  1. Ken Whitehead

    It is nice to see a part of my family history still standing ! (Ken Whitehead)

  2. gary l whitehead

    My name is Gary Whitehead great great grandson to Henry Whitehead. Hisson was Russell and his son sons were bud morris and ganenell.My whole family was born in Tenn , Looking to finf some of my family . Please respond asap Thanks Gary Whitehead

  3. Pauline

    this cabin is just amazingly beautiful. filled with history. it has always been my dream to live in a cabin like this (i am a city girl and never had that chance). but this reminds me of a simpler (although more work) time when material things were much less important and peace with nature and loved ones was. i hope to be able to vacation in something very similar some day. thank you for sharing this beauty.

  4. gary l whitehead

    please any of my family please contact me at [email protected] gary whitehead great grandson of henry whitehead in florida

  5. Ken Whitehead

    Hi Gary, I’m Ken Whitehead, I’m also in Florida now ! Our Family settled at the base of Abrams Falls when the National Park took over.(Happy Valley) Charles B Whitehead was my grandfather.

  6. Sandy Whitehead Jeffries

    I was married at the Henry Whitehead Cabin. My relatives are from Carter County and Happy Valley

  7. Carolyn Tompkins

    Henry Whitehead was the uncle of my Grandfather, Ed Whitehead, son of Isaac “Dock” Taylor Whitehead. So very thankful for my heritage.

  8. gary l whitehead

    Hello this is Gary Whitehead youngest son of Bud Whitehead. My two brothers Russ and Kent are still alive in Calif. I wanted to say to Susane pitman Whitehead thank you for the info . Please anyone that wants to commuicate please feel free .Our grand dad was Russie whitehead or just grand dad im living in florida and some day i would like to speak to my cousin Randy he retired from Alcoa Aluminon My mother Dorthy Ann Evans was his aunt. They were from Alcoa My father Bud also worked there along with my grandfather on my mothers side Boss Evans . If any my family on either side family reads please drop me a line Thanks Gary Whitehead . Feb 14 2014

  9. Wylodean Richardson Hunnicut


  10. Glenn Teffeteller

    Hi Gary, I’d be related to you as well. I descend from the sister of Henry Whitehead. Her name was Elizabeth Whitehead Teffeteller.

  11. Becky Mahan

    I’m the great granddaughter of Laura whitehead mccauley, would love to hear from a family member

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