A Sea Cave Revisited

A Sea Cave Revisited
Sea Anemone Cave © William Britten use with permission only
Sea Anemone Cave 2010 © William Britten use with permission only

The cave pictured here is Sea Anemone Cave near Acadia National Park, in Maine. The photo below was taken by me in 1974,  a 25-year-old camper with a brand new twin-lens Mamiya C330 medium format camera that I used for black and white landscapes. An Ansel Adams disciple all the way!

I traveled to Acadia again this summer, um, a little bit older, and once again sought out Anemone Cave. The National Park has removed the cave from all maps and literature because too many times the Coast Guard was called out to rescue folks like me when the tide caught them inside the cave. I found the cave but unfortunately (or fortunately) the tide was already coming in, so I could only gaze from the cliffs above.

Sea Anemone Cave © William Britten use with permission only
Sea Anemone Cave 1974 © William Britten use with permission only

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  1. Nice photos. The cave is located from the Schooner Head road, at the Schooner head Parking lot. A narrow paved path leads to the cliffs. When the path reaches the cliffs, you are pretty much standing on the roof of the cave. Not sure from which side you approached the cave, but most people approach the cave from the right, which is a mistake. The cliffs are steep, usually wet and slippery. Instead follow the cliffs to the left a ways, until you come to a gully which runs down towards the sea at an angle, it ends right at the cave entrance and is the safest way to reach the cave. On my youtube account under AcadiaNationalPark75 I have a video of the cave, as well as a video of an old bear cave the park service discontinued.

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