Breathtaking View  © William Britten use with permission only

Wow. What can you say? These are the days that take your breath away.  Blue skies and golden light day after day. Save it up for winter.

This cabin is high on a ridge about 10 miles out from Mt. LeConte and the Smoky Mountains in the distance. The two chairs are just waiting for a couple of folks to sit down and relax amid the splendor. Maybe they’ve been inspired to take a hike or grab their camera and take some photographs. They’ll be back soon. The chairs will wait.

Come on oever to the Glades and visit me to see the complete display of Smoky Mountains Photography at the William Britten Gallery in Gatlinburg, TN.  Until October 23rd I’m also down at the Gatlinburg Convention Center for the annual Craftsmen’s Fair.

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