I’ve always been fascinated with the concepts of time and place. For example,  the Smoky Mountains have been unchanging for centuries, but in my photography gallery here in Gatlinburg, I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard about families returning to the Smokies every year for decades! Families have grown through many generations while they returned to their favorite vacation spot.

Here’s a photo of a resort cabin that I took a couple of years ago:


This cabin was newly constructed, awaiting all of the tourists who would enjoy a vacation in the cabin, and hopefully take home pleasant memories. There are hundreds of modern cabins like this near the Smokies.

VY9U7055LZAnd inside the Park boundaries are the cabins of Elkmont, the old resort area that was displaced when the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was opened in the 1930s.

Cabin owners were given lifetime leases, but those are now completed. For a while the Park was going to demolish the old cabins, but the plan now is to keep at least some as a historical area.


You can almost  hear the echoes of the vacationers enjoying their time in this place.

ogle1 2007

And going even further back in time is Bud Ogle’s cabin–a sturdy pioneer settlers abode, now a stop along the Roaring Fork Motor Trail in the park.

door graffiti

Finally, our tour of Smoky Mountain cabins and memories wouldn’t be complete without this surreal cabin interior of Alfred Reagan’s place. Apparently Alfred chose his paint colors from Sears like this vibrant blue.


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