Kitchen Pod

knoll housesite 0

Orientation on the topo map

Sarah and I marked the hillside with flags as best we could using the topo map above as the guide.  Flags mark an area 16×36 feet, shown in red above (shifted downhill from Matt’s drawing).  We were surprised at the actual orientation in the real territory … more longways up and down the hill than I pictured.  NOTE: all of these images are shown about half-size. Click on them to see full-size, then click the right or left arrow to see next image.

Below shows the 16×36 area from above … some distortion from Photoshop but a close approximation.

knoll housesite 1

From above

Below is the side view facing south. (South is in the dip between the two mountains, almost in center of image).

knoll housesite 2

Facing south

And from the opposite side, facing north. The tree with the green cedar around bottom (to the right in the photo below) is the Sourwood marked 12″ SW on the topo map.

knoll housesite 3

Facing north

Another view below from above. This one shows how the actual placement goes beside the infamous brush pile, not right through it as it appears in some of the photos.

knoll housesite 4

From upper corner

The shot below is inside the pod, showing more clearly how much space is left between the pod and the fenceline below.  It’s really quite a lot.

knoll housesite 5

From inside looking downhill (west)

Finally, below is from the top of the knoll, showing how the sightline of the south-oriented pod has a minimal impact on the view, since we’re seeing the 16 foot side.

knoll housesite 6

From high on knoll showing sightline

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