Miles Away on Monday: Snowed In!

Miles Away on Monday: Snowed In!
Snowed In! © William Britten use with permission only
Snowed In! © William Britten use with permission only

Doesn’t this scene warm your heart? Even as cold as it looks? Makes you want to find the nearest fireplace, invite a cat onto your lap, and be grateful for living on planet Earth.  Wow!  The wood is cut and dried on the porch, and you’re obviously not going anywhere, so just relax.

Hope you’re enjoying your winter!

8 Responses to Miles Away on Monday: Snowed In!

  1. Hi Bill, I love this photo! May I save it for use as a desktop background on my computer? It evokes warm cozy feelings of when I actually enjoyed snow! (I now live in the city and city snow is no fun…)

    Your live on the edge of the Great Smokies sounds idyllic…I live in the Great Pacific Northwest and though it’s a few hours’ drive to the mountains, I was brought up hiking and camping in them and I absolutely love mountains and being outdoors.

    God bless!

  2. Tara –

    Sure … that’s fine to use the image, although it’s not much resolution to fill up your desktop.

  3. Bill this picture takes my breath away !!! I wish that I were in our condo at the top of the mountain at Westgate Resort & Spa, and snowed in. Hope to see you soon.

  4. I believe this house was built by parents in 1985! They lived there for 20 years and then sold it!!! Such a beautiful home! Full of beautiful memories!!!
    Did not like that driveway!!! Lol
    Thank you for the beautiful picture!!!

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