Path to Serenity © William Britten use with permission only

Path to Serenity © William Britten use with permission only

Path to Serenity is one of my Smoky Mountains photos taken along the trail to Spruce Flat Falls in the Tremont section of the National Park. Early to mid-May is the time the Mountain Laurel bloom at this altitude. The laurel is very similar to the rhododendren that are also prevelent in the Smokies. The rhododendren tend to bloom in June and July.

For me this image has two attractions: the hillside of mountain laurel blooms, and the trail that drifts invitingly into the distance, suggesting even more relaxation and time away from the stresses of everyday life. In short, it represents why you came to the Smokies!  The sense of depth in this photo is truly stunning in the large sizes.

Path to Serenity is offered in all sizes. Details of sizes and pricing can be found on at the bottom of the How to Buy page.

Please stop in and visit me to see my complete display of Smoky Mountains Photos at the William Britten Gallery along the historic Arts and Crafts Trail on Glades Rd in Gatlinburg, TN.

And if you are a wildflower enthusiast, please join our Smoky Mountains Wildflowers Community on Facebook. We exchange photos, identifications, bloom locations, and info on these delicate and beautiful plants.

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  1. sharon

    I will be in Gatlinburg the 5th of Oct. thru the 12th, 2013. This will be the 4th year that I will be coming to town around this time of year.I usually try to catch the fall leaves changing color; but this year I took a week that was available when our timeshare complex had a vacancy for the unit with a hot tub.
    Every year when I have visited the Smokey Mountains, I have wanted a professional photographer to take a picture of me in a beautiful spot in the mountains. Maybe by some falls…..or somewhere like on Spruce Flat Falls.
    William I realize that you are a “nature photographer” (if that is the correct term)’ but I was wondering if you did any portrait work or know of anyone who does such work in the mountains?
    I truly appreciate any information that you can share with me. I realize that this is something that I would need to arrange prior to my upcoming trip.

    Sharon Greico

  2. Bonnie Sievers

    I had seen your photography Path to Serenity this past Friday. I have no idea why I didn’t purchase your work then as the image has stuck with me ever since I first saw it. Will be purchasing it online now and will have to wait a few days to enjoy your work. You have many lovely photographs in the studio; however, this was the one that stuck with me as I couldn’t believe all the rhododendron that grow wild in the Gatlinburg area. Thank you for sharing your work with those of us less gifted.

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